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Jan 16th
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Mindfulness trainings and interview topics

Looking for practical tools & techniques for greater wellness, success, happiness & peace of mind? Science has confirmed that mindfulness delivers physical, mental & spiritual benefits. Develop skills & practices that can be easily applied in daily life. Material from my book is available to be shared with your audience, discussed in interviews and offered live at no charge* to your group or organization. (information & reviews of the book Putting Wisdom to Work)

I am currently leading guided meditation at the Breath+Oneness studio in Capitola.
708 Capitola Ave, Capitola, CA 95010 (408) 375-8850 (map link)

Sunday(s): 12:30-1:30 Theme: Meditation Intro/Practice

I can lead 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute guided meditations for . . .
• Healing & Wellbeing
• Active Living with Intention
• Social Connection / Loneliness
• Positive Parenting / Relating to Children
• Calming Stress & Anxiety / Managing Emotions
• Becoming More Playful
• Self-Esteem / Positive Self-Image
• Self Acceptance / Body Image
• Consuming Life Not Things
• Loving Kindness to Self & Others
• Opening up to Your Future Self
• Releasing Creativity

Two to four hour workshops . . .

Learn to Meditate ~
Allow presence. Relax. Build compassion for yourself and others through mindfulness techniques. Silent & guided meditation sessions to help create supportive internal dialogs. Includes techniques to get in the meditative state, Exchange Meditation & Affirmations for Transformation.
Putting Wisdom to Work ~ And Relax
Explore how to build the wisdom muscle as a practical strategy for enjoying life, adjusting attitude & community building. See how to stop doing the things that don’t serve you, and do more of the things that do. Topics include learning to love the reality zone, rigging the game, seeing emotions as signals (not conditions), the ten characteristics of wise living & more. Group Q&A.
Optional activity: PPRC (personal policy report card)*
Shifting into Win-List Thinking ~ Make friends with the Kind Mind
Let go of tiny-mind ANT (automatic negative thought) thinking and build a Win-List, the opposite of worry, stress & negativity. Dig into why our natural problem solving abilities can work against a happy light-hearted outlook. Explore how cultivating a relationship with the inner-fan across all 5 pillars can release the true-you to stop comparing to others, fuel hope, find faith in the future (rat park), and focus the law of attraction. Learn to make twice the progress in half the time. Group Q&A.
Optional activity: Journey journal technique for rapid transformation*
Making Goals & Resolutions that Stick ~ Get to know the True-You
Recall the story of Ulysses as a map to understanding the difference between wanting life upgrades & actually making progress. In this module we explore the differences between wants vs needs across five pillars then break down the steps that show how the logical ‘now’ you can confirm a date with your impulsive “future” self. Group Q&A.
Optional activity: Make a Ulysse Contract*
Cultivating the Gratitude/Awe Reflex
Learn why an attitude of gratitude delivers stronger feelings of control, available time, patience, self-acceptance, peace of mind and purpose. Discover the mental traps that keep us striving endlessly. Topics include the gratitude chain, lens of perception, mindfulness practise, self awareness & more. Group Q&A.
Optional activity: Gratitude Garden & EasyG*

See Mindfulness Wisdom Warrior Interview Guest Directory profile.

Other workshop, interview & guided Meditation topics topics (partial list):
• Putting Wisdom to Work in everyday living. (living & aging gracefully)

• The EasyG way to build a Gratitude Reflex (deep peace & self acceptance).
• How to view emotions not as problems but rather signals of unmet needs.
• The common regrets of the elderly (and how to avoid being stuck with them).
• 11 characteristics of wise people (and how to develop them).
• The Ulysses Contract (design goals & resolutions that stick naturally).
• Learn to Meditate. Five simple approaches anyone can practice.
• Shifting into Win-List Thinking (nurturing the inner-fan).
• Making and using affirmations for personal transformation.
• How to leverage luck & rig the game for more awe, adventure & fun.

Some of the benefits of mindfulness skills & practices include: calming the mind for more peace, happiness, gratitude. Better focus, sounder sleep, more rewarding relationships. A more positive attitude, greater awareness, less stress & much more.

* These is no charge for these all I ask is the opportunity to offer the book for sale (at a discount) to your people. Please Contact Jeff for more information or to schedule an activity for your group, organization or workplace. Add mindfulness practice to you office, school, workplace, apartment complex, or any group environment. Material and activities can be cited or used with permission. Tel/Txt: 916-601-1396 or email hereInterview Guest Directory profile.

Presenter bio: Jeff Hotchkiss has authored ‘Putting Wisdom to Work, Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living.’ He is a wisdom warrior, possibility advocate and rebel with a cause to promote mindfulness as a path of wellness throughout all stages of life. His insightful dialog offers tips on becoming more awake, aware, grateful, present & accepting. His approach includes easy to understand techniques and activities to help anyone reduce stress, become more effective and enjoy life more.

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KarmaU Mindfulness skills, meditation training education, teaching, study, practice, for relaxation, peaceful mind, stress & anxiety relief, in Santa Cruz, Aptos & Capitola, CA.
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