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Feb 18th
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Personal Policies

pillar50Welcome to the Mindful Moments Blog. A place to help fulfill true needs while making life a little easier & more enjoyable. Personal policy making is a practice for massaging the mind with wisdom, skills, tools and techniques put together in practical packages.

Mindful Moments Wisdom Blog

Dear Graduate

Graduation season is upon us. Here is a little note I penned for Marjory & Jesse, feel free to foreword, cut, paste, copy & change to make it yours and share as you please. As grads become empowered and relax into their best life, things will get better for all of us =^..^=

Dear Graduate.  As you pass this milestone I’m taking pen to hand to share a bit of what I hope will help you on your path.

Want what you have and you will always have what you want.

Working hard does pay off; working smart pays off more. So, work hard in a smart way. Be ambitious and let that desire fuel you.

Mindful Moments Wisdom Blog

Mindful Moments blog, 5 Pillars + Happy as a Clam #pw2w

Welcome to the Mindful Moments blog (MMb) where we explore practical mindfulness for maximal living. The key word is “practical.” These policy ideas are not new or revolutionary; but they work if you employ them.

Personal policies are snippets of wisdom designed to fill in missing pieces and help satisfy true needs while making life a little easier & more enjoyable. Use these ideas to be more effective, generous, accepting, forgiving, compassionate, expressive, confident, grateful, empowered at ease & less bothered by outside forces.


Personal Policy Institute is an open-source think tank
& possibility advocacy dedicated to creating, compiling and sharing practical approaches to thriving.
Book: ‘ Putting Wisdom to Work Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living ’ ♛
Know of ways to put practical wisdom to work? Add the hashtag #pw2w to your posts and help share skills for thriving.



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