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Mar 31st
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Personal Policies

pillar50Welcome to the Mindful Moments Blog. A place to help fulfill true needs while making life a little easier & more enjoyable. Personal policy making is a practice for massaging the mind with wisdom, skills, tools and techniques put together in practical packages.

Mindful Moments Wisdom Blog

Emergency food supply. Disaster Preparation - Exit Checklist

Emergency food supply. Disaster Preparation - Exit Checklist

Here is a checklist I have put together to help get prepared for disaster and emergency events. Customize as you need to cover your situation. Advance prep seems to be best since it is hard to predict and earthquake or other sudden disaster. Us this list in a pinch if a slow-motion emergency (corona virus cover-19 ...) shows up and allows some time to prepare. G'Luck, ~jeff

> Car Kit - Leave in car all the time ----------------------------
___ Food (energy bars, jerky etc.) / ___ Water / ___ Jumper cables / ___ Flashlight (tip: LED lights have a longer run time.)  / ___ Radio  /  ___ Batteries (Tip: put batteries in upside down in long-term storage items so they don't drain. Make a note on calendar to replace annually) / ___ Whistle ___Tools ___ Duct tape / ___ N95 Face mask (several) / ___Pocket knife __ Tarp ___ Flares/electric warning signal ___ Rescue flag ___ Blanket / warm hat / jacket/sweatshirt ___ Small first aid kit

> WATER --------------------------------
___ several containers for drinking & hygiene (estimate 1/2 gallon per person per day) 
___ 20 gallon container (other sources in a pinch (water heater
Note: If bad water boil to purify or add 8 drops chlorine bleach per gallon  to purify if needed .

> Go-Bag Suit / Packed & ready ——Shelter in place if possible - but ready too roll if necessary——
___ change of cloths ___ undergarments  ___ gloves/hat ___ jacket ___ towel / ___ toiletries
toiletries: Toothpaste; mouthwash, Toothbrush; floss; picks, Shampoo/deodorant, body wash/soap, Medications/antibiotics/med-box-supplies, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Wipes, Female stuff, glasses etc.
___ Important stuff to grab / Documents/pictures/jewelry/valuables - grouped together for easy grab
___ Copy of health insurance and identification cards / contact phone numbers/email
___ Emergency cash in small denominations and quarters for phone calls
___ Permanent marker, paper and tape - for leaving notes if needed
___ List of emergency point-of-contact phone numbers & email addresses
       (tip: in emergency cell may be down but land lines, text or email may go through)
___ Flash Drive with essentials - DOS format #'s Photos, files ...
___ Extra eye glasses, prescription medications, hearing aid or other vital personal items

All the following for at home but ready to go if needed. I use 5 gal. buckets with lids (Depot/Ace)

> Supplies GoBucket #1  ------------STUFF--------------------
___ Candles - Lighter - Matches - fire starters
___ First Aid Kit & supplies ___ Sunscreen ___ Antiviral soap
___ Clothing: Sox, jacket,  underwear, rain poncho, shoes, a change of clothes, and a warm hat
___ N95 particulate masks  / hazmat suit / gloves / booties

> Supplies GoBucket #2  -----------FOOD---------------------
Note: periodically (annually or more often) use the food in kit for camping or activities, travel - note withdrawals then replenish to keep it fresh - (consider freeze dried or vacuum packing to prolong freshness)
___ Food ___ Dried food (meat and fruit) ___ energy bars ___ peanut butter, ___ low-salt crackers, ___ cookies, ___ cereals, ___ nuts ___Dried fruit / ___Jerkey ___ Canned meat (tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, sardines…) ___ Canned vegetables such as beans, carrots and peas, tomatoes ___ Canned soups and chili, salami, powdered eggs ___ Dry cheese ___ freeze-dried food ___ instant coffee, creamers, sugar, tea.  
___ pasta  ___ dried potatoes ___ candy ___ Lossage/gum
___ Eating utensils ___ Pot for cooking/warming water (if needed)
Store the food in airtight, pest-resistant containers in a cool, dark place,

> Supplies GoBucket #3 --------------------------------
___ GIN  ___Tonic ___ Lime Juice squeezer ___ box wine  ___ doobage  ___ Lighter ___ ____________
Tupperware, Plastic and Paper Bags, water bottles, hot cups
>  Pets Go-bag (if needed) ___ Food ___ Meds ___ Leash ___ poop bags --------------------------------

> Camping gear (optional) --------------------------------
___ Tarp ___ Tent ___ Sleeping bags ___ Hammock ___ Gas stove & gas canisters

> Supplies Additions / GoBucket #4 -----More for Home / Home Kit / camping additions / ----------------
___ Additional  food 4 home/go tote / airtight, pest-resistant containers in a cool, dark place.
___ 12 volt car battery / Solar charger system w/ inverter hooked up to mirror ball/car stereo/light/tv ect.
___ Utensils: ___ ___ Can/Bottle Opener / ___ forks / ___ plates / ___ cups / ___ Cleanup rags / ___ soap
___ Portable toilet - Bags / Ammonia / Borax
___ Rain/fog Catchment ___ Grey water system
___ Solar System - for trailer
___ Walkie Talkies / camp stove / gas / big propane - water purifier
___ Photos of family members and pets for re-identification purposes
___ Extra keys to your house and vehicle
___ 10 gallons of gas (2 5gal cans)

> Things To Do --------------------------------
Record an outgoing message on your voicemail so that callers can be re-assured of your safety status.
Have agreed upon place to connect, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with timeline for each.
Leave notes when leaving a place so if others come along they can find you.

> Grab & GO EXIT List - Last Minute-Emergency foods to buy/grab if you have time -------
___ Prepared Buckets  ___ Camping Gear ___ Med Kit  ____ Documents/keepsakes
Other: ___ ______________________ ___ ______________________ ___ ______________________

Food --------- ideas of perishables that last awhile ----------
Tortillas / Apples / Citrus/Limes/Lemons (You can freeze if needed) / Winter squashes
Unripe avocados / Potatoes / Sweet potatoes and yams / Unripe tomatoes
Dry salami, which lasts up to six weeks without refrigeration / Cucumbers
dried fruit, canned soup or meats, juices and non-fat dry milk). Top ramen, noodles, Freeze-dried, instant pancake mix. More gin. Supplies: ___ Cooking Oils ___ _______________ ___ _______________
Ice (if needed) Dry Ice - if power is going to be an issue (note packing technique)

Connecting ——Places to meet—————————————————————————————
Where ___________________________ When _____________  Wait how long? ________________
Where ___________________________ When _____________  Wait how long? ________________
Where ___________________________ When _____________  Wait how long? ________________

Name                     Contact info # / email
______________________________    ___________________________________________________
______________________________    ___________________________________________________
______________________________    ___________________________________________________
______________________________    ___________________________________________________
___ Agreed contact message relay: out-of-state (Long distance lines) _________________________
Stay cool, take care of yourself, help others =^..^= ###

Mindful Moments Wisdom Blog

Dear Graduate

Graduation season is upon us. Here is a little note I penned for Marjory & Jesse, feel free to foreword, cut, paste, copy & change to make it yours and share as you please. As grads become empowered and relax into their best life, things will get better for all of us =^..^=

Dear Graduate.  As you pass this milestone I’m taking pen to hand to share a bit of what I hope will help you on your path.

Want what you have and you will always have what you want.

Working hard does pay off; working smart pays off more. So, work hard in a smart way. Be ambitious and let that desire fuel you.

Mindful Moments Wisdom Blog

Mindful Moments blog, 5 Pillars + Happy as a Clam #pw2w

Welcome to the Mindful Moments blog (MMb) where we explore practical mindfulness for maximal living. The key word is “practical.” These policy ideas are not new or revolutionary; but they work if you employ them.

Personal policies are snippets of wisdom designed to fill in missing pieces and help satisfy true needs while making life a little easier & more enjoyable. Use these ideas to be more effective, generous, accepting, forgiving, compassionate, expressive, confident, grateful, empowered at ease & less bothered by outside forces.


Personal Policy Institute is an open-source think tank
& possibility advocacy dedicated to creating, compiling and sharing practical approaches to thriving.
Book: ‘ Putting Wisdom to Work Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living ’ ♛
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