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Feb 19th
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Book & Activities Overview

'Putting Wisdom to Work' is about exploring the great frontier of consciousness that is you. Inside you'll find practical ideas on creating more purpose, passion and meaning. Learn how to identify genuine needs then take action to fill them. Develop skills to shape expectations and make twice the progress in half the time. Explore ways to manage ego, make life transitions with grace and tame the monkey mind. Use intuition, leverage emotions, worry less, make a difference, and enjoy life while helping others do the same.

These simple straightforward strategies build wisdom to help mindfully paint the future. This approach to self-discovery unleashes the law of attraction in every aspect of living. Feel better. Get stuff done. Have more fun.

Put wisdom to work and be able to:
• Shape beliefs that bend reality
• Use acceptance to let go of resistance
• Map a more direct path to fulfillment.

See how to corral doubt and anxiety by focusing on managing self-talk beyond grasping, rejecting, planning, remembering, worrying and fantasizing. Get great at practicing gratitude, friending fear, and releasing genius. Close the gap between dreams and reality by shaping personal policies for health, relationships, resources, responsibility, and creativity.

Why work on enjoying life? Because it goes by so damn fast. The days may seem long but the years are short. It’s easy to get seduced by ego, stuck in old ways, trapped inside the mind, swept up in desire, and miss all the fun. It’s also easy to decide to step back, be grateful for what is, then enjoy living the life that wants to live you.

 Includes step-by-step lists and self-awareness activities:
- 11 characteristics of wise people
- 6 steps to leverage luck
- Top 5 regrets of the elderly (& how to avoid them)
· BeSMART goal setting
· Build a Win-List
· EasyG. Ulysses Contract & more.
> Available as eBook & paperback

Some reviews…

“This book shows you how to get the best out of yourself and everyone you meet.”
~ Brian Tracy, Author of 45 books & International Success Consultant

“Putting Wisdom to Work book got me thinking of new ways to mindfully explore and enjoy life. I recommend it to anybody who wants to build awareness, acceptance and gratitude in order to live life to the fullest.”
~ Laura Davis, author of The Courage to Heal and founder of The Writer’s Journey

★★★★★ The Textbook for a Mindful Life
This is one of the most encouraging, helpful and enlightening books I've ever read. A logical, concise, compendium of the common denominators of wisdom: what it is, and how to achieve it. Not only that, but how to actively and mindfully apply it to your life. This book found me exactly when I needed it, and I savored it one chapter at a time, doing the exercises it suggests. Very illuminating, especially regarding the aspects of my life that need the most work. This book should be required reading for any organization seeking to bring mindfulness into every day living. An enthusiastic five stars. ~Laura Schaub

★★★★★ Really enjoyed this fun, practical book. On my second read now.
This book is a fun, practical entry into the world of self help. I found it practical, grounded in humor, and a refreshing, inspiring read. A great way to start the new year with purpose, hope, and a new set of realistic goals. ~Claudia B.

★★★★ Entertaining and useful
The author does a nice job at conveying wisdom in practical terms that you can relate to your own life. There are also specific steps to follow to really get you to where you would like to be. Entertaining writing as well, with funny life stories! ~Dana F.

★★★★★ I love the personal policy approach
I found this book very inspiring and full of very practical and concrete approaches to improving your overall well being and meeting life goals. I love the personal policy approach! ~Anonymous reviewer

'Putting Wisdom to Work, Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living’
Chapter 1► A Look in the Mirror
Chapter 2► Five Pillars
Activity: The Policy Pillar Report Card (PPRC)
Activity: Journey Journal
Chapter 3► Dreams with Deadlines
Activity: Build Your Policy Win-List
Chapter 4► Master of the Universe
Activity: Affirmations for Transformation
Chapter 5► Be Here Now
Activity: EasyG + Gratitude Garden
Appendix► Ulysses Contract & the Future You
Activity: Make a Ulysses Contract

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