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Dec 07th
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compass150Personal Policy Institute (PPI) is a place where practical wisdom, business and life skills can be found and shared. 

Try putting together a puzzle without a picture for guidance, that’s life.  We all want the same things, health, good relationships, enough resources to get by comfortably, community, work and creative outlets, we want to leave the world a better place because we were here.  We all want to live our best life possible. Personal policies help create a user manual on how your unique pieces fit together.


What are Personal Policies?
All policies are Decision Support Systems built on 3 core principals.
1. Bits is wisdom and a code of conduct based on personal experience and/or the know-how of others.
2. Guidelines, not rules. They adapt to exceptions, transitions and changing priorities over time.
3. Personal and tailored to making the best decisions in your unique situations and circumstances.

Learning to employ personal policies is for people who want to:
-Develop meaning, purpose & peace of mind
-Quiet the inner-critic. Support your inner-fan
-Create BeSMART goals to rig the game for success
-Build gratitude. Visualize a win-list. Leverage luck
-Speed up mindful growth with Ulysses Contracts

Policies work consciously in the subconscious to rewire outdated beliefs.
They challenge you to change the things you can and stop worrying about the things you can't.

Why Personal Policies?
Use personal policy to find ways to put wisdom to work. When hopes or expectations for yourself and others are out of alignment with reality, you have two choices:  Change your expectations or change your reality. Personal policy is a new approach to doing both. It is a philosophy for navigating the maze of options and opportunities available. Defining personal policies gives you clear guidance on what is right for you, and the power to say no to the things that feel wrong. An easy and effective way to reach goals, empower yourself, have a healthy body, a relaxed mind and a happy, stress-free life. #pw2w

Employing personal policies helps to:
• Separate wants from needs, then satisfy both.
• Build acceptance, gratitude, and mindfulness every day.
• Map a path to and through the reality zone.

“If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!” ~Jonathan Winters

Order the book, “Putting Wisdom to Work” paperback or instant kindle download


Personal Policy Institute is an open-source think tank
& possibility advocacy dedicated to creating, compiling and sharing practical approaches to thriving.
Book: ‘ Putting Wisdom to Work Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living ’ ♛
Know of ways to put practical wisdom to work? Add the hashtag #pw2w to your posts and help share skills for thriving.



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