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Dec 07th
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Personal Coaching & Workshops

Workshops Topics / Personal and Business Coaching / Consulting

As a coach and workshop presenter my goal is to empower people to live their best life happily.

My specialty topics include:workshop-jwh
• Mindfulness Practice Development
> Getting Focused - Life Purpose - Helping Others - Savoring Life
• Problem Solving & Perspective Realignment
> A friendly empathetic ear here to listen and offer ideas, encouragement & support.

• Marketing Strategy & Tactics (business & personal - See: Marketing Consulting in Santa Cruz)

Rates: Personal Coaching 1st ½ hour no charge. $39/hr. 3 hrs for $99 / 6 hrs $199
New friend special: 3 hours over two weeks, includes up to three Ulysses Contract developments)
Workshops: No charge for these all I ask is the opportunity to offer the book for purchase (at a discount),

I hired Jeff as a marketing consultant for his MBA and business knowledge. He did a great job getting me focused on next steps in my real estate venture. I found he is excellent at listening and contributing practical ideas. He has become my personal coach and business mentor.” Paul Noddings.

Choose from any of the following workshop modules or request a custom program

Power of 8 Group Intention Facilitator
Learn to leverage the Spiritual Technology of group intention. This approach can be used in groups of 5-12 to clarify intentions and focus for themselves or others. Discover how to clearly envision healing, empowerment, goal achievement, personal growth, wisdom and more. Once clear intentions are stated we intend/meditate for each other for 2-5 minutes. No experience necessary.
Based on the book The Power of 8 by Lynn McTaggert and other techniques.
Currently offering drop-in on gatherings Tuesday's 6:15.
Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Tom Yarma.
3121 Park Ave Suite D, Soquel, CA 95073 Note: Donations accepted. Door is locked at 6:30
Or contact Jeff to schedule a facilitation for your group or organization. 

Putting Wisdom to Work ~ Mindfulness 101workshop-compassion-blaster
An interactive learning session on building the wisdom muscle as a practical strategy for maximal living. Explore fulfilling the universal needs of identity, community, purpose and fun. Learn about & discuss:
-Cultivating Mindfulness/supportive inner dialogs
-Shifting Perception
-Shaping Expectations
Use these tools to empower yourself, reach goals, have a relaxed mind & happy stress-free life. Workshop details the ten characteristics of wise living, personal policy building, creating a mindfulness practice & more.
Group Q&A. Optional activity: Guided group meditation on putting wisdom to work.
How to Meditate ~ Create a Practical Practice
Meditation is a skill supporting mindfulness that anyone can employ. Explore how to design a practice that works for you. Learn how to overcome resistance, relax, focus and become more mindful. Build compassion for yourself and others. Allow presence.  Includes training on silent & guided meditation techniques to help calm the mind and create supportive internal dialogs on health, acceptance, gratitude and expectations. Group Q&A.
Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude ~ The Easy Path to a Peaceful Mind
Expand your attitude of gratitude for stronger feelings of compassion, humility, contentment, patience, self-acceptance, peace of mind, purpose and playfulness. Learn to flex the awareness of awe muscle for a more robust authentic life enjoyable experience.
Group Q&A.  Optional activity: Gratitude Chain guided group meditation.
Shifting into Win-List Thinking ~ Make friends with the Kind Mind
Explore how to make twice the personal growth progress in half the time by cultivating a healthy relationship with your inner-fan. Lighten up and let go of ANT (automatic negative thinking) for an inner dialog of positive expectations that defines personal empowerment. Trigger real-time awareness of the grateful, interconnected, satisfied you. Rig the game to automatically do the right things at the right time. Group Q&A.
Optional activity: Win-List thinking guided meditation.
Making Goals & Resolutions that Stick  ~ A map to understanding our power to change reality.
Recall the story of Ulysses as a fresh approach to making goals & resolutions that stick. Explore the differences between wants vs needs across five pillars then break down the steps that show how the logical ‘now’ you can confirm a date with your impulsive “future” self. First half: Learn about putting attention on intention and how BeSMART goals rig the game of (business/school/life) for success.  Discover the 7 Steps to making reachable goals/resolutions, 3 roadblocks to avoid & 8 keys to success. Second half: Group activity, pick a goal and make a Ulysses Contract Mindfulness Map detailing the steps to reach it naturally. Group Q&A. / Optional activity: Make a Ulysse Contract*

Other modules available including ...
Releasing Creativity - Get Stuff Done
Consuming Life - Not Things
Becoming More Playful - How to Have Fun

* Please Contact Jeff for more information or to schedule an introductory coaching session or workshop activity for your group, organization or workplace.  Tel/Txt: 916-601-1396 or email here.
Presenter bio: Jeff Hotchkiss MBA, is a business development consultant, personal coach, senior Peer Counselor ( activity organizer, handyman and author of ‘Putting Wisdom to Work, Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living.’ He is a wisdom warrior, possibility advocate and rebel with a cause to promote mindfulness as a path of wellness throughout all stages of life. He has been an executive with Apple Computer, founder of Olivus® teas, and publishing entrepreneur.

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Mindfulness skills, meditation training education, teaching, study, practice, for relaxation, peaceful mind, stress & anxiety relief, in Santa Cruz, Aptos & Capitola, CA. #pw2w

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