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Dec 07th
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Shark Tank Jr.


Hi All, Welcome to Shark Tank Jr. You have been carefully selected to participate in an exercise in opening the mind to what’s possible and exploring those ideas.

What? —————
My idea is to help you start an experiment, side-hustle, small business, travel or mind expansion activity alongside of schooling and other activities. My intention is to help you develop independence, interdependence and entrepreneurial thinking.

This is about personal growth and exploration. Who am I as a person? What do I love doing?What might I want to do as a career?

As of now you have an official offer from me to help you come up with an idea. If it turns out to be a good idea, I will help you finance and manage a start up trial.

Note: There is No pressure or expectation and this is Not to take away from any of the other activities you are pursuing. You may have some ideas to explore now, or maybe at some point in the future.

Why? —————
Because I believe in you and see your potential. Many people have helped me along the way so if you find this interesting I want to help you. I’m here to supply inspiration, coaching, investment & connections (pieces/people).

How? —————
Let's talk anytime or swap messages. If we get a few people involved at the same time maybe we will have some classes on subject like this…

Lessons/classes - DRAFT Ideas
Who am I, what do I want from life?
How to pick a business idea?
What is my level of risk tolerance?
Exchange - Supply & Demand
Business Plan template
Format TBD. email, phone, video call, zoom, group zoom…

Together we will talk through some of these ideas and see where it goes.

If something takes off I may want a part of it $:-) ~Love, Jeff

P.S. if you're not familiar with the show Shark Tank here's a link to the show info.
And some Shark Tank clips.



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