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Jul 01st
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Mindful Moments blog, 5 Pillars + Happy as a Clam #pw2w

Welcome to the Mindful Moments blog (MMb) where we explore practical mindfulness for maximal living. The key word is “practical.” These policy ideas are not new or revolutionary; but they work if you employ them.

Personal policies are snippets of wisdom designed to fill in missing pieces and help satisfy true needs while making life a little easier & more enjoyable. Use these ideas to be more effective, generous, accepting, forgiving, compassionate, expressive, confident, grateful, empowered at ease & less bothered by outside forces.

To help simplify and organize the material, each policy supports one of five pillars:
Health - How well do you take care of your mind and body?
Relationships - How well do you create & nurture your personal connections?
Resources - How effectively do you build and manage your resources?
Responsibility - How do you act, even when no one is looking?
Creativity/Fun - Do you have creative outlets that you are passionate about?
Most of us have two or three strong pillars and a couple that are ignored or need work. When you address needs across all five pillars you can relax and enjoy the ride knowing you’ve done your best. Use policies to fill in missing pieces. The question becomes, “what’s missing?”

Creativity Policy: What’s Missing?
Asking the question, ”What’s missing?”, is the foundation of the beginner's mind approach to wise living. There is ALWAYS more going on than meets the eye. We don’t know what we don’t know. These blind spots cause us to miss opportunities or get the same results over and over because we keep “seeing” things from the same perspective. Try stepping back and getting outside any situation in order to look back at the larger picture. Observe what pillars need some work, and you can bet the steps forward will become obvious.
Affirmation: What’s missing?
Toolbox: See the Personal Policy Report Card (PPRC). A one page needs inventory.

With each post I'm adding a little section called: “Backstory.” Check your knowledge on commonly used sayings to help raise humble awareness to the fact that there is always more to the story.
Saying: Happy as a Clam
Modern Meaning: Feeling good and satisfied
Backstory: This saying started as the longer phrase “happy as a clam at high tide,” and was popularized in the early 19th century, particularly in the northeastern United States. Clams can only be readily dug up when the tide is low; in high water, they're almost impossible to find, and therefor Happy:)

Until next time: stay open, stay hungry. Be wise & thrive.

Some of the material for this blog is drawn from the book ‘Putting Wisdom to Work, Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living’, others from study, experience and observation. There are free tools and resources across the PPI site, with more in the Book/eBook.

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What has worked for you? As you discover ideas that resonate with you please share them by adding the #pw2w (putting wisdom to work) hashtag. Find your own path and enjoy the ride. ~Namaste


Personal Policy Institute is an open-source think tank
& possibility advocacy dedicated to creating, compiling and sharing practical approaches to thriving.
Book: ‘ Putting Wisdom to Work Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living ’ ♛
Know of ways to put practical wisdom to work? Add the hashtag #pw2w to your posts and help share skills for thriving.



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