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Aug 09th
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Home Virus Decontamination Station covid-19 Pandemic

We’re all going through a lot of viral overload these days - I’m a handyman here in Santa Cruz, CA, I help neighbors fix problems and upgrade their homes. I’m also the author of Putting Wisdom to Work’ a book about practical mindfulness so I’m always looking for ways to stay calm, be smart and prepared, This video came out of our learning how we can stay healthy and protect others as we get through life while sheltering-in-place and beyond. In the video below we are going to share our decontamination system for going out and coming back home.

This has been a surreal situation with new challenges to adapt to. The core idea to our system is
1. Protect yourself while out and
2. Don’t bring any nastiness home

Most of our trips these days are for grocery shopping, I’m also using variations of a New Normal for getting back to work, exercising and socializing. This happens on our front porch Transition Zone.

First he gets his Gloves on - We like the latex - tougher and hold up - blue ones ok too
He puts on his outside shirt/coat/covering - We have a mask in one pocket and paper towels stuffed into the other pocket to use as an additional barrier for doorknobs then discard. We don’t wear masks all the time when out, but put it on before entering the store or when around people - OK to wear or Keep it handy
Puts on his outside shoes / Doing these things in the proper order matters.
We use the acronym GPS help remember location : put on Gloves,  Put on outside shirt, put on outside Shoes.

Coming back in is the reverse of going out. First we wipe the food across from the dirty to the clean side of our landing table. Next we move to the Landing where we change our shoes, remove the coat, mask and PUT gloves into the dirty bucket. Next we spray the dirty stuff - Wash Hands - then go inside.

We hope this is helpful, it’s what we’re doing in our home. Wishing you & yours the best in your home. We also bow respect to all the health care workers, first responders, teachers, retailers, deliver people and everybody who has carried on through this pandemic. Our love goes out to all as we get through this together. #pw2w #togetherathome


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