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Aug 09th
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A Will and a Way - #PW2W blog 3 #PW2W

What did Socrates mean when he said "The unexamined life is not worth living?” Maybe something like those who don’t update beliefs and realign needs as life unfolds can get stuck living a stale, unfulfilled existence - Not cool!

We all want to feel empowered and fulfilled, and think we are on our way. We set goals and then realize something is not working!!  
Needs change over time while some goals get stuck in the past.
Goals can feel like a burden and feel like “I should do this”, which leads to avoidance.
We tend to focus on the goals that we are great at and give little or no attention to what we really need to improve on.

So what's the solution? Hitting ALL your goals, of course! The question becomes:  "What are your goals?"  If you were able to reach them, and even exceed them, would you be truly happy? If not, then what are you missing?  I have developed a framework that can help you focus on those missing tracks.  I call this framework the pillars, there are five:
Healthful living
Good Relationships
Sufficient Resources
Responsibility (and taking ownership of your life )
Creativity and Fun

There are a lot of voices telling us how to think, what to do, and what's important.  
The pillars help you get focused on what's important for you.

In this blog we're going to show you that when you have the Will, there is a Way. You will get an introduction to the Five Pillars that can guide you to obtaining a full life experience.  

To get started take a look at the personal policy report card (PPRC) and follow the instructions. You will  come up with a number for each of your pillars. The PPRC is a way to spot holes and deliver clear guidance on priorities. Your numbers will give you instant feedback on areas where you are strong and where you could improve. This is not a “happiness” scale and there is no “good” or “bad” score. It is a measure of factors that determine awareness and satisfaction with yourself within the context of aspirations, situations and abilities. It is a gauge to measure of how well rounded your current life is and a tool to help focus energy on evolving core needs.

Wisdom is wanting to do what’s necessary to have five strong pillars. So now you have the will and a way.

Open the personal policy report card (PPRC) free personality quiz.


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