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Dec 07th
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Ulysses Contract Mindfulness Map


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Ulysses Contract Mindfulness Map. How to make BeSMART goals and resolutions that stick. Manage personal policies, priorities, beliefs, fears and procrastination. Free PDF download

There is a difference between having goals and actually achieving them. This is one aspect of human nature we all face. Even though we are wired to serve ourselves, picking priorities and making changes can feel difficult or complicated. Inside we often know what we want but don’t always know the steps to get there.

To understand why, step back and see yourself as two different people: the ‘now’ you, and the ‘future’ you. The ‘now’ you can dream up all sorts of goals. It is fun and exciting to think about how great it will be to lose weight, change careers, change a habit, make new friends or whatever you know is a smart move. It's easy to set goals even when we know there will be challenges.

UlyssesContract250It is the ‘future’ you who will face the challenges though. Without awareness and a plan the ‘future’ you is often weak, directed by the subconscious, focused on wants, guided by dusty old beliefs, and stuck in tired routines. If we don’t understand the benefits on an emotional level, impulse takes over. Without preparation, most of us will pick the path of least resistance and make poor choices in the moments that matter.

Making Ulysses Contracts has helped me loose weight, mend broken relationships, quit smoking, fix some rotten teeth, change careers, get my finances in order, move to the coast and much more. I had known for a long time that I needed to make these changes. but wishful thinking was not enough. It took the clarity of policy building and strategies for overcoming obstacles to make it happen.

Why Ulysses? Ulysses, also known as Odysseus (his name in the original Greek version), was the subject of Homer's epic poem, “The Odyssey.” Renowned for his resourcefulness, Ulysses is remembered for the Trojan Horse and his brilliant plan he made to savor then escape from the Sirens.

The Sirens were dangerous creatures, aquatic seductresses who lured sailors with songs of enchantment to shipwreck off the rocky coast of their island. In Book VII of The Odyssey, the goddess Circe gives Ulysses the option to hear the beautiful but deadly Sirens. He wanted to hear their song but knew that doing so would render him incapable of rational thought. Ulysses wanted to hear the song, and survive.

To do this he had his men tie him to the ship’s mast and then put wax in their ears so they could row but not hear. He ordered them not to change course under any circumstances and to put their swords upon him should he break free of his bonds.

Upon hearing the Sirens' song, Ulysses was driven temporarily insane and struggled with all of his might to break free. He begged his crew to release him. With every stroke the oarsmen helped Ulysses move past temptation. The pact held. After having rowed beyond the danger zone, crewmembers removed the wax and freed a grateful Ulysses.

Ulysses rigged the game for success by knowing his limits, then creating a plan to work within them. The plan he made to row past the sirens is the same design for contracts we can make with ourselves to row past temptations faced by the future you. Just as with Ulysses, we all face challenges that can be solved by building up energy behind a sound plan. It all starts with an intention, a thought, and a strategy.

Learn how to make BeSMART goals and resolutions that stick. Manage personal policies & priorities.

► Download free printable Ulysses Contract Mindfulness Map  (PDF opens in new window)

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