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Dec 07th
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Gratitude Garden Attitude Adjustor

GratitudeGarden150Gratitude Garden Attitude Adjuster, a one page fill-in activity that helps build a Gratitude awareness and reflex. Free PDF download

Research shows that people who practice an attitude of gratitude have stronger feelings of control, self-acceptance, more available time, peace of mind and purpose. It relaxes stress and depression while breeding happiness, well-being, life satisfaction and strong relationships. This powerful skill  can be developed and built up.

grateful_thankyouThe dictionary definition of gratitude says that because you appreciate what other people do for you, you are grateful. I think gratitude is much more complex than that.  It comes from many sources, people, accomplishments, happy accidents, things that do and don't happen.  It’s even possible to be grateful for things that didn’t work out as an opportunity to learn from.

When tending your gratitude garden be aware of your root intentions and focus on the higher ones training your heart to see from the perspective of love.

Keeping gratitude garden tended anchors your future to the best of the past.  This attitude of gratitude keeps your perspective in a positive light framing the view on each day as life progresses.  Gratitude is the lens that helps you spot good opportunities. It is fuel that drives you, even when times are tough. There will always be time for wanting, yearning and searching, the key is keeping those desires for the future in perspective with the past.  Your golden future is built on a series of decisions in the present. Remembering what has worked and served you delivers decision support guidance in the here and now, keeping you always pointed in the right direction.

Keep your Journey Journal up to date on what you are thankful for.  Hold these thoughts in your heart and mind. Make time to give thanks every morning when you wake up, at every meal, before drifting off to sleep.  Remember how lucky you are to have the life you have. Tell friends and acquaintances that you appreciate them and why. By keeping this balanced awareness you’ll have the calm and confidence to approach challenges with a light heart and steady plan. Training your mind to think gratefully becomes an easy habit once you realize how good it makes you feel.

Learn how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude more love, happiness, control, self-acceptance and purpose in life.
► Download free printable Gratitude Garden Attitude Adjustor (PDF opens in new window)

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