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Dec 07th
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Affirmations for transformation #pw2w

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Finding stable peace of mind and lasting happiness flowers directly from the thoughts we hold and stories we tell ourselves. Affirmations are blueprints the mind can use to make connections, to energetically give and receive, stay focused and find patterns that work.  Meditation and affirmation therapy can slow the thought parade while planting seeds of joy and happiness. A good attitude comes from seeing things in the right light.  Focusing the lens of perception to see reality clearly, yet in a positive light, is the most important human skill to develop.  Since our mind can only hold one thought at a time, planting affirmative ideas seeds our spirit with thoughts that become reality.

Affirmations are positive present-tense statements that can change you on a cellular level, aligning your purpose, thoughts, words and actions with the unified-field.   Using affirmative phrases on a consistent basis declares the policies you want your mind to believe and achieve.  Affirmations cement your policies, relax and transform your mind, all powerful tools for personal growth. By consciously creating and voicing your intentions in the present-tense, with belief, specifics and emotion, real changes start to happen in your mind, body and reality.  

Repeating targeted affirmations with feeling will feed and nourish you, cleaning your lens of perception, guiding you toward your dreams automatically.  By reprogramming your subconscious thoughts good decisions come easily, naturally, in alignment with the true-you. #pw2w

Getting Personal
Affirmations have to be very personal to work.  Some will resonate and work better for you than others. A good affirmation carries a positive energetic charge that quickly plants itself into your conscious thought stream. Over time intentionally seeding subconscious thoughts with intentional messages will change you attitude, actions and abilities. These mind upgrades bring your lens of perception into focus, making the life you desire real.  Affirmations need to be a realistic next logical step in your evolution. No matter how many redwood affirmations an acorn makes it will always grow to be an oak tree.  Stay true to yourself.

It's not all about keeping positive thoughts in the mind stream. Trying to banish negative thoughts form the mind stream only makes them more prominent. Policies don't deny or ignore anything, everything is on the table. You decide what works, what doesn’t, what you want to leave behind and what you want more of.  The idea is to keep the lens of perception clear and anchored to the right thoughts, which  has a positive present-tense feeling behind them.  This tool is used to harness the emotional fire of desire, if necessary use the fear/pain of that which hurts to keep the process working for you.

Affirmation Technique
However and whenever you choose to use affirmative thinking trust in the power of belief, it drives reality. Affirmations are personal, whatever way you find to focus and feels right is the right way. One way is to recite the chosen affirmation to yourself while breathing in, hold your breath letting the thought drift in.  Start to exhale and recite the second part of the affirmation while breathing out, hold your breath and let the second thought sink in. See the iMed breathing meditation method for details on how to use the in and out breath to plant these ideas into your subconscious. Add as much emotional fire and detail as possible while leaving room for unexpected bonuses. Once you have decided on which affirmations resonate for you add them to your Ulysses Contract(s) and keep them in your consciousness throughout the day for a week or more. Hold these thoughts in mind any time or during a iMeD session to help quiet the inner-critic and celebrate the inner-fan. See other worksheets.

Affirmative messages can be literal, or symbolic, or a combination of both.  One of my favorites delivers daily guidance by helping me see the world in the best light while reminding me to embrace life with love in my heart: I see through eyes of bright </> My heart is warm and light. In this case “see through eyes of bright” means to look for examples of the bright aspects of human nature: selflessness, responsibility, gracefulness, empathy, loving, nurturing, optimism and creativity.  These various ways of living flow naturally, serving all who embrace and get good at living them. “My heart is warm and light” reminds me to do unto others as I would want done to myself, to check my ego at the door, to be a positive force in any situation while maintaining light heart free of fear or regrets.  Tuning the mind to filter out ego and hype while scanning for options and opportunities delivers an energizing confident optimism.

As with everything to give is to get, affirmations are no different.  Breathe in feeling an affirmation, feel what you are willing to give (i.e I am love, I trust, I forgive), then hold the breath letting the thought echo, breath out repeating the second half of the affirmation feeling what you want (i.e I am loved, I am trusted, I am forgiven), then hold the breath letting the thought echo. This process starts the energetic exchange and pulls you into the flow of intentional creation. It reminds all that to ask is to receive and to give is to get. Think only of the affirmation and nothing else while breathing in or out, let the thought echo and connect with the universe while holding the breath.

Try stringing a chain of three or four related affirmations together to create a breathing meditation.  Recite them one after another for a total of ten or more times. Think only of the affirmation and nothing else while breathing in or out, let the thought echo and connect with the universe while holding the breath. The four cardinal affirmations that I use regularly are:
I AM love. </> I AM loved.
I trust. </> I am trusted.
I forgive. </> I am forgiven.
I AM the cause. </> I am the cure.

The giving affirmation on the breath in…</hold/>… Receiving affirmation on the breath out… hold.
Repeated in present tense with emotional feeling.
See more on Breathing Technique.

Health Affirmations – a tool to use when seeking to attract healing energy.
I take good care of myself. </> I AM living a long and healthy Life.
I treat my heart well. </> I have strong heart.
I give myself love. </> I am whole and healthy.
I feed my spirit. </> I am guided.
I release. </>  I relax.  | I release (attachments).  I relax (into myself).
I AM peace. </> I am at peace.

Relationship Affirmations - Love and trust your way to happy healthy relationships.
I AM love, </> I AM loved.
I trust. </> I am trusted.
I forgive. </> I am forgiven.
I Listen </> I am heard.
I appreciate. </> I am appreciated.
I AM me. </> I am free.

Resource Affirmations - Attract an abundance of whatever you really need.
I serve. </> My resources serve me.
I hear my intuition. </> I trust my hunches.
I Am resourceful. </> I have what I need.
I AM in the right place. </> It is the right time.
I forgive debts owed to me. </> I share in abundance.
I will persist. </> My mind is peaceful.

Responsibility Affirmations - Always remember you are the cause and the cure.
I make my life meaningful. </> I feel grateful every day.
I live with purpose. </> My soul is free to be.
I feel spirit. </> I am divine.
I AM the cause. </> I am the cure.

Creativity/Fun Affirmations - Release your creative fun self.
I have fun. </> Fun people surround me.
I Am in the flow. </> I have ideas.
I AM silly. </> I attract creativity.
I trust my intuition. </> I am secure.
I am awake. </> I am open.
I set my goals. </> I reap the benefits.

Add as much detail as possible while leaving room for unexpected bonuses or long-term wishes to come true. Visualize the way life looks with your affirmation as reality, taste it, smell it, feel it.

affirmations candle
Affirmations work well when incorporated into your daily routine, see Toolbox for ideas how to use..
See also list of maxims, proverbs as wise affirmation sayings.


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