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Dec 07th
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Policy Pillar Report Card (PPRC)

report card pprcsPolicy Pillar Report Card (PPRC) a reality zone grader & needs inventory. A way to zero in on strengths and areas for growth. Free PDF download

The PPRC is a way to spot holes and deliver clear guidance on priorities. Your numbers will give you instant feedback on areas where you are strong and where you could improve. This is not a “happiness” scale and there is no “good” or “bad” score. It is a measure of factors that determine awareness and satisfaction with yourself within the context of aspirations, situations and abilities. It is a gauge to measure of how well rounded your current life is and a tool to help focus energy on evolving core needs.

Get instant feedback on areas where you are strong and where you could improve.

► Download free printable Policy Pillar Report Card (PPRC) (PDF opens in new window)

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